Day 18. We had about half an inch of rain most of which fell last night. Today is partly cloudy and very windy with gusts up to 30mph. I guess that is better than the snow flying north of us and out west.

We went to the library and the drugstore this afternoon. Bob waited in the car while I went in to pick up prescriptions and some other items we needed. I phoned the doctor yesterday to ask for something milder than the oxycodone I am taking. I have very little pain and what I have does not need the big guns. The oxy was starting not to agree with me especially taking it for three weeks even as little as I was using; an average of three to four a day. He prescribed Tramadol. We used that for both Malcolm and Duncan for pain relief.

I found a picture of Duncan as an adult dog standing by the front door. We measured where he came up to and compared it with Colin. At eight months Colin is just a little taller than Duncan was.

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