Saturday February 6, 2016

Another Saturday trip down to Winston to work on the house. Since the Trooper’s check engine light came on this past Monday on the trip down we decided not to drive it again until the local mechanic has time to check it out. Although we have been back and forth to Winston at least 6 times with Colin since we moved he has not gotten car sick once. I had stopped feeding him breakfast and started giving him 3 Benedryl which seemed to be working fine. However, erring on the side of caution, I moved his sheet and old towels that cover his seat from the Trooper to my car just in case. Yes he did. Just as we pulled up outside the front of the house he barfed. Fortunately most of went on the sheet and towels.

Once I had that mess cleaned up and the sheet and towels bagged for the return trip I found an old bedspread in the house to use for the return trip. We managed to get most of Bob’s office packed up and he worked on his lab. I spent at least half an hour picking up sticks and limbs from the both the front and back yards. I filled the yard cart with the small stuff and piled the big stuff on the curb. We filled the car with a few boxes of the stuff and several bags of empty coke bottles for the return trip arriving back here about 3:30.

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