Friday September 23, 2016

Pictures from our Cape May trip. I visited Cape May with my parents back in 2003 on a bus trip but we were only there for a few hours to take a boat trip around the island and to eat lunch.

The Zoo was great, one of the best I have been to particularly since it is free and depends solely on donations.

imgp1574-small I did not climb the lighthouse. But it was nice to see it up close. I did go inside to see the beautiful staircase and some exhibits on the first floor.

imgp1613-smallThis is the terminal where we boarded the ferry from Cape May to Lewes, Delaware coming home which cut down on drive time.

imgp1628-smallI spent today organizing purchases and generally getting everything from the trip sorted and put away. I selected the pictures for Bob to burn to disk. I picked more apples and watered all the potted plants. We are working on kit stuff this afternoon.

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