Monday November 21, 2016

I have a metal hanging pot stand I brought up from the Winston house deck. It sits on three legs with a ring to hang a pot or a shelf to set a pot on. It sat out all last winter with no problems from the high winds. Last night, the winds were gusting so high it blew the stand over. Fortunately the dirt was frozen solid preventing the dirt and plants from spilling out and of course the stand itself was fine.

Last week Colin kept scratching at one of his ears. I used a mixture of vinegar and water and cleaned both of them using a cotton ball. Last night he was messing with one of his ears again so it was off to the vet this morning. No infection but I have drops to put in the ear for a week to 10 days to clear up whatever it is in there bothering him.

Sunny today but cold and still very blustery.

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