Tuesday November 22, 2016

I picked up my neighbor Bonnie at 9am for a trip to Walmart in Galax, VA, roughly a 40 minute drive. I parked in front of the store and went in to get one of the electric shopping carts to drive out to the car. She drove into the store while I parked the car. We spent roughly 2 hours shopping for household and grocery items.

On the way home we stopped just outside Galax for lunch at Tasty Freeze which is curb service only. The food was delicious and it’s easier for Bonnie not to have to get in and out of the car again.

I pulled into her driveway right at 1pm. Both her and I had a great time and the drive over and back was beautiful Lots of sunshine today and not much if any wind.

While I was gone the new gas cook top arrived. BlueRidge will be installing our propane and the new cook top on December 9th.

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