December 24, 2011

This morning I took the card table down in my office I was using to wrap gifts, packed away and organized all the wrapping stuff and organized it all to go back downstairs. I can at least walk around in my office without falling over something.

Next I had a few errands to run; grocery store, food shopping, and auto parts store. I picked up a shoulder pad for the seat belt in my car. The strap comes across at a funny angle and bothers me. Hopefully this will work.

It’s a nice enough day to pull the cars out of the basement and leave the doors up so could the basement a good cleaning. I swept the floor, reorganized my work bench, and the shelves next to it and did some general reorganizing. Bob needs to go down and get his area where he does his kit stuff cleaned up. We also have to tackle the finished side but that can wait until next week.

Speaking of Bob. He gave me a very unique Christmas gift this afternoon you can read about on his page.

I am reading the new Janet Evanovich, Stephanie Plum msytery, Explosive Eighteen. A lot of her readers have bailed on her. I am not sure why I continue to read her. Somewhere along about number 9 and 10 her writing went south along with her plots and humor. I guess I keep expecting her to wrap up the Morelli/Ranger thing, bring in a new character to replace tired Lulu, and have her move on with her life including successfully bagging some FTA’s. Instead, she has pretty much written the same book over and over. I don’t mind reading light but this may be my last Plum book unless I hear otherwise.

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