Monday April 24, 2017

Saturday night while we were watching TV in the den we heard a loud crashing type noise. Bob said it sounded like it came from the garage. While he looked around in the garage I checked the deck and the rest of the upstairs. He also checked the basement. We could not fine anything. Yesterday morning when I tried to put my garage door up it would only go up an inch and then go back down. The noise we heard was the big spring across the top of the garage door breaking.

Bob called Shaw Brothers this morning. They have a guy they use out of Elkin for garage door repairs. He is here now making a temporary fix until he can get another spring. He will check out the other door and also the button we have been having intermittent problems with.

More rain today, though off and on instead of continuous like yesterday. We have some areas in Sparta that have flooded due to the 6 plus inches so far not counting what has fallen today. I drove the Trooper to the gym instead of Bob trying to open and close my door manually.

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