Sunday June 25, 2017

We, including Colin, spent yesterday afternoon and evening at local amateur radio club’s Field Day event. Colin behaved very well especially since he is not used to being on a leash. The weather was perfect with about 20 people attending. Some, like me, were spouses of hams and a couple of grand kids. Colin enjoyed getting lots of attention.

This morning I went out to the garage to do a couple of things before I started cleaning house. I was putting some things on the bottom shelf of our board and bracket shelving unit when one of the shelf brackets gave way. Fortunately there were a lot of big boxes underneath the shelf storing packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and other related type stuff we use for kits which “caught” the stuff that came flying off the shelf. Bob put the bracket back in with longer screws.

I guess this afternoon project will getting that mess cleaned up and organized.

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