I am reading Murder of the Month on my Kindle by Elizabeth C. Main. When Jane Serrano’s husband dies in an accident she goes to work at small, independent bookstore to keep busy and satisfy her love of books and reading. ¬†When she starts a mystery book club the members decide instead of reading about mysteries they would rather solve a real crime. Basing their techniques on a mystery book recommended by Jane’s daughter, Bianca, they find solving crimes is harder in real life than in the books.

We finished watching Greek and started watching MI Five. We had watched the first two episodes so long ago we forgot what they were about so we started over. We are switching off between that and Scrubs which we had watched one episode, again, along time ago just to see if we liked it. Crime drama’s are so heavy I like to have something to switch back and forth with instead of watching all the episodes straight through like we did Gossip Girl or Greek. I do the same thing when I read. I like to jump back and forth between a cozy or light mystery and a police procedural.

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