As usual it has been a busy short week at work. It’s great having those three day weekends but we pay for them the rest of the week. I went to the Y tonight even though I spent most of the morning shifting files; again. We have very limited file space. I try to create extra space in areas I know we may grow when I shift things around but it is still a constant battle.

This scenario is very much like when I worked in the library. I ran two different branches, both of which were small with limited shelf space. I was shifting books constantly to make more room on the shelves. Even with weeding books that became obsolete or less popular it was still hard to keep the shelves from being over crowded. With library budgets today I doubt that is as much of a problem with less and less new materials coming in. Obviously I cannot weed files at the Firm but I can periodically box up abandoned stuff and send it off site which helps when things get really tight.

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