Saturday November 11, 2017

I am reading Downfall by J.A. Jance.

Fortunately, from the time Bob went into the hospital last Friday until this past Thursday, we did not have any kit orders. I am the behind the scenes worker doing labeling, packaging, etc. Bob is the brains of the business, including shipping the kits. We finally did get an order Thursday. Thursday night Bob walked me through the 1500 (I am exaggerating) it takes to create a shipping label and a response e-mail to purchaser. I still cannot create a label by myself but at least now I am familiar with the various screens.

Frances and Al came up to Sparta today. In the past month I have had some type of mushroom take over both mulch beds along the porch and by the side stoop. They are small and brown, clumped together in greats mounds that look like brain matter. He dug them up while I cut back a couple of annuals in the butterfly bed the cold snap got and did a few other chores. We then went into town to run a couple of errands and eat lunch.

Back here Al harvested some of his turnip greens then they took off for Winston. Thankfully it was not windy today because the temperature only got as high as 38 with partly sunny skies.


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  1. lynn says:

    Product production and packaging is remarkably involved. I have been doing it for 30 years in the software business and it is still difficult.

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