Friday November 10, 2017

Another long day. I had not intended to go down to Winston today. Part of the reason I ended up going has to do with a very long and convoluted  story about my cell phone that I will not go into but which involved meeting Al at the Verizon store.

I left here around 11:15 and stopped at the hospital as soon as I arrived in Winston. I was not to meet Al until 1 pm at Verizon. I thought Bob would be back in his room after his procedure.  He was still down at the Cath lab so I went down to check on how things were going. He was still in the procedure. I left Forsyth at 12:45 to head to Verizon, a 15 minute drive at best.

HA! It took almost an hour to get there after trying several different routes, all of which were backed up for blocks. I called when I saw I was going be late and he was also trying to get there due to traffic. Man, I do not miss that mess. I finally got there at 1:45. Just as I arrived at Verizon the doctor called. Bob did well in the procedure but was being moved from 6th floor to 5th in cardiac ICU because of the balloon in his artery. So, I would have had to drive down anyway to move his to stuff from one room to the other.

After I finished at Verizon and headed back to the hospital. I cleaned out his room and headed down to 5th floor. He was just getting checked in to his new room. I got him settled and left there around 3:30 for Sparta.

I stopped here at the house to let Colin out for a pee then let him ride with me to the library to pick up a reserve book. We finally had sunshine today but it was cold and windy. Tonight is to go down in the 20’s.

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