Monday December 11, 2017

This morning first thing I took the Trooper to B & T Tire to have Lynn take a look at it. Not long after we moved up here the check engine light came on during one of our trips back and forth to Winston. Lynn said the sensor was nothing important and could not get the part for it anyway. It’s been fine since then until Friday when I drove it Winston due to the bad weather. The light came on again and it was acting up when I was switching back and forth between 4 wheel and 2 wheel.

Lynn is busy but I told him I could not drive it ’till he checked it out so it might as well sit down there instead of my garage when he had a chance to look at it. I gave out neighbor Vicki a call to see if she could give me a ride back home which she did.

I left for Winston around 11:45 to do a Costco run and go by the hospital to check on Bob. He was very sleepy so I am not sure if he knows I was there. Otherwise, he the same.

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