I went to the Y on Thursday night, grocery store last night. It was a busy week as work, especially yesterday. I have about 25 boxes of files to review. I made it through all but five yesterday working heads down on nothing but that all day.

Errands this morning. While I was in Target, to use the remaining amount on a gift card, I picked up a cheap soccer ball. Not one of the real ones but one that looks like a soccer ball but can re-inflated. Colin loves to chase a big ball that gets around. Our young neighbor across the street has played with him a couple of times with either a basketball or one of those large rubber balls kids play with.

When I got home I had Colin out to see how well it worked. Being inflatable it is a little softer than a soccer ball making it easier for me to kick. I was not sure if he was able to get it in his mouth if he would burst it with his fangs. He did catch it once in the air and managed to pick it up a couple of times with his fangs. Not only is it good exercise for him I do some short bursts of running while trying to keep the ball away from him with my feet before kicking it away. In our trial run the “new knee” held up fine and the other one did okay. I just have to be careful.

I am doing hand shots for Bob for the biology book this afternoon. When I got back from my errands I washed both cars. It is a really nice day, low 60’s and just a little windy.

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