House cleaning this morning before going over to my folks house for lunch and a visit.

I am reading another Stephen Booth mystery, Lost River. Of all the books in the series, of which I think we have all or most of them, this one is not nearly as good. Instead of breaking out a new crime for Cooper and Fry to solve Booth brings a different plot to Lost River. He has Diane continuing the story of her rape while working in another police district before transferring to her current location in the Peak District, England. After several years there is new DNA evidence and a witness that will allow the rapist(s) to be brought to trial. Diane takes a leave of absence to go back home to help close the case and bring closure for herself.

In the meantime, Ben tries to save a drowning 12 year old girl who supposedly drowns while going in the river after her dog while playing fetch. Ben is not on the job when he tries to save her. He is determined to prove she was murdered instead of being an accidental drowning. This book focuses more on the two main characters of the book rather than the Cooper and Fry as a team solving a crime. Cooper does take over trying to catch a drug dealer in a case Fry was working on when she goes back home. Interesting concept but I like his other books better.

It is not as warm today though it is sunny. We are under wind advisory for this afternoon with winds at 10 to 15mph gusting up to 25mph. I did have Colin out this afternoon for a game of soccer. I am doing hand shots for Bob and perhaps decapitating more bottles while I watch the golf tournament.



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