Tuesday January 9, 2018

A setback in the move to rehab. The facility that had accepted him on Friday called yesterday morning to let the case worker know they were concerned about the trach. They knew on Friday he had the trach when they offered the bed.

Yesterday between the threat of bad weather and a chance the case worker could find another placement, Al and I stayed we were. For me, it ended up giving me some down time for the afternoon which I did appreciate. I ended up sitting on the couch at Frances’ reading and resting.

I went to the hospital first thing this morning. Bob is doing well except for the coughing up of the junk. He is getting a little stronger and if he speaks slowly and loud enough I can understand what he is saying even with the trach tube. He will have that for awhile which is the problem with finding him a place to go. Only a few facilities in the WS/Sparta area will take him with the trach. Some of those do not have beds which is limiting our options at this point.



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One Response to Tuesday January 9, 2018

  1. DadCooks says:

    Glad you got some of that precious down time.

    Hang in there Barbara. Bob does need care that, unfortunately, most rehab facilities cannot supply. Tell the doctor to not rush getting the trach tube out just so Bob can go to a rehab.

    Continuing prayers, hopes, and best wishes.

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