Wednesday January 10, 2018

Gym this morning. We are still working on getting a place for Bob to go to rehab. I stayed home today. Frances and Al are going to stop by to see him while out running errands.

I’ve actually talked to him on the phone today. His nurse called this morning to let him talk to me on her phone. She called me again this afternoon to let me know he was asking for me again. They moved his room phone where he could reach it so I called him. He knows he is supposed to be moving to a rehab place and does not understand why it is taking so long. We have tried to explain to him that one place fell through and we are working on finding another one.  He still has some confusion and may think I have left him there.

I had odds and ends of things to get done today. It’s cloudy but 41 degrees with no wind which gives Colin a chance at some quality outdoor playing time.

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  1. DadCooks says:

    Barbara, thanks for the update. Good to hear Bob is able to communicate, now the endless string of questions (over and over again), that is usual and to be expected.

    Continuing prayers for you and Bob, and I have added Frances and Al.

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