Thursday January 11, 2018

I headed down to Winston about 10:30. On the way down I had a call from the case manager to let me know everything was approved for Bob’s move to the rehab facility. I told her I would go straight there to get the paperwork taken care of.

While I was at the rehab place we found out it would be 4pm when transport would be picking him up. Once I finished up the paperwork I went over to Frances and Al’s. Instead of us swapping places I went by the hospital to see Bob for a minute and to let him know Al would meet him at the rehab facility. That way I was able to get back up the mountain before dark. We’ve had rain and fog when I left here this morning. Good thing I left when I did because it was pea soup all the way from Winston to Sparta.

We’ve had a major vole/mole problem since we moved in. I don’t want to put out poisons because of Colin and other wildlife so I just live with their tunnels all over the yard and the garden. When Colin is out he hears them running around underground. He will stop and turn his head from side to side then start pawing the ground to get to them. He does not dig an actual hole. This morning he was standing along the front of the porch listening and started digging in the mulch and got one. I heard a squeal and saw him fling a little grey furry thing to the ground then pick it up again. I yelled for him to drop it because I did not want him to eat it. He flung it around a couple of more times before I could finally get my foot on it. I finished the job then buried it under the mulch as a warning to the other rodents.

Also, the raccoons must be back. What was in the feeder was on the ground yesterday so I refilled it and again this morning they had dumped it all on the ground.

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2 Responses to Thursday January 11, 2018

  1. Jenny says:

    Go Colin!

    Barbara I’m glad to hear Bobs well enough to move into rehab. It looks like a long road ahead of you both but such a relief to see this improvement.

    I highly recommend cognitive therapy. Expect it to be hard to find one that has the skill and smarts to challenge Roberts huge brain. If they say ‘but he tests normal’ more than a couple times, they don’t have the skill to help someone with the capacity of Roberts intelligence. Try another one.

    You and Robert can do a lot of cognitive therapy on your own. Game playing is easy and very effective. Having gone through this, and still in recovery, I highly recommend anything manufactured by Brainwright. There are a couple of others that are really good – I’ll post when I can remember their names.

    Silly simple stuff like showing him several playing cards then asking him to recite back what you showed will help. It need not be complex.

    Receiving sufficient rest is critical for brain recovery.

  2. DadCooks says:

    Good points @Jenny.

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