Tuesday January 30, 2018

I  went to the gym around 8am to get back home before time for Al to get here from Winston. Snow showers over night and this morning. We had a dusting on the lawn. The main roads had been salted. The side roads were wet and had patches of black ice but for the most part they were good. The wind is gusting over 40 mph making being outside fairly miserable since the high is only 27. It’s to get very cold tonight.

Al arrived around 10:30. He came up to haul off another load of food to the food bank and stuff for cares and haul a big load of recycling back down to Winston for their recycling pick up tomorrow.


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2 Responses to Tuesday January 30, 2018

  1. Jenny says:

    Slow and steady. You’re getting a lot done in a short period of time. Hope your weather warms up for you. We’ve had wind and cold temps but little snow. Rather bleak without it.

    A couple more months of winter for us.

  2. Barbara Fritchman Thompson says:

    We are to have more winter weather this weekend. I am trying to stay busy and get things done that need handled. Sitting around moping will not bring Bob back or help me. Life does have to go on.

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