Wednesday January 31, 2018

After a cold start to the day things have warmed up to the low 40’s, sunny, and no wind. I’ve had a busy day getting stuff done. The load of food Al and I dropped off at the food bank yesterday was mostly in our big kit bins. They kept food and bins instead of having to move it to boxes. I told them I would come back for the bins. This morning I dropped off a small load of stuff from the freezer. They weigh everything that is brought in. The sum total of food Al and I took to the food bank was over one thousand pounds and I still have all the repackaged food and LDS canned stuff down stairs as well as some canned goods I wanted to keep.

From there I drove over to Jefferson to meet with an accountant recommended to me by my attorney. Bob did all the taxes and handled all the stuff for the business. I have not clue. I am in no hurry to file personal taxes and have to wait on all the 1099’s anyway but I need to make sure I am covering all the first quarter stuff due for the business.

I have spent the afternoon getting kit stuff taken care of and a few things ready I needed to mail off. It helps to stay busy.

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