I switched my gym nights to Monday/Wednesday this week. Work was busy as usual for a Monday. I took a short walk to the drugstore at lunch. We are having mild weather again especially for January. The night temperatures go down into the low 30’s but it warms up during the day. We are either going to have a very mild winter or February and March are going to be brutal.

It has been awhile since I posted a picture of Colin. Both Bob and I took some yesterday but I did not like any of them well enough to post.  I will try again next weekend.  When we were taking his picture we noticed he was squinting and/or closing his left eye. Surprisingly he let me look at it yesterday afternoon. It was red and runny all day and when he looked into the light he kept it closed. It looks better today It is not nearly as red and he does not seem to bothered by the light. He must have gotten dirt or something in his eye yesterday while we were playing soccer.

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