Monday March 12, 2018

We somewhere between 2 and 3″ of snow when I took Colin out at 8:15. I changed the bed linens and worked on other projects until 11 then went out to shovel what was at least 5″. It’s a very wet snow. My newly purchased snow shovel did a much more efficient job of plowing than my old one.

It is still snowing lightly but what is hitting the driveway is melting. We may get off and on snow this afternoon and tonight but I doubt much more in the way of accumulation.

With the kit stuff gone from the lab area downstairs and the garage I have a lot of reorganizing options. The wooden bookshelf that held the small parts bins and supplies is not suitable for storing garage and gardening stuff. Saturday, Al and I pulled it out in between the cars for Cares to haul off and moved the free standing shelves Bob had just purchased for the lab area up to the garage in place of the bookshelf.


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