Sunday march 25, 2018

Cloudy and white when I took Colin out around 8 am. We had about 6 to 7 inches of wet snow with sleet and freezing rain on top. The driveway and sidewalk were covered in a couple of inches of the latter.

I cleaned house then took Colin out while I tried shoveling to help the sun melt off the sleet mess but it was like shoveling wet sand. The sun was out making things really slushy underneath.

About that time James pulled in the driveway. We chatted a few minutes then he went back to his house and drove his old riding mower with a front blade and snow tires and cleared it in 20 minutes. While he did the drive I shoveled off the sidewalk and refilled the bird feeders. A high of 39 today will help with the melting but a low of 29 tonight will refreeze everything that thaws.



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  1. DadCooks says:

    It’s nice to have nice neighbors, no wait, it’s great to have great neighbors.

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