Friday June 1, 2018

YAHOO!!! Mail is working on my laptop. Nick, it now does not work on my Fire again. But, I think I will not have you tell me how to remap the Fire to the new path for the web mail until I make sure things are stable here. The Fire is mapped to the old webmail address on Dreamshost and I at least have that as a backup.

Bob’s mail is still not working but that is okay for now. I can check his on his Fire. I will send in another ticket to let Dreamhost know and see if they can fix it on their end.

Nancy and Betsy came up from Winston this morning. We went into Sparta for lunch at Horizon Bistro. I showed them around the house and grounds then they headed back to Winston. We finally have a warm, sunny, day though it’s a bit breezy with 20mph gusts but a beautiful day.

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