Wednesday July 4, 2018

Happy Independence Day to everyone.

We have nice weather for those celebrating outdoors here in Sparta; partly cloudy, temps in the upper 70’s to low 80’s with a good breeze and 0% chance of rain.

Colin and I are spending the day doing various things. I defrosted the upright freezer out in the garage. While it was melting I swept out the floor of the garage and tidied up in there a bit.

We then headed outside to enjoy the weather. I pulled weeds and grass from the natural areas along the driveway, played some ball with him, and sat on the porch for awhile. After lunch we went back outside for more of the same.

Between this morning when I was out doing stuff and this afternoon when I walked back around to the garden side of the yard the two tomato plants had toppled over; cages and all. They are really tall and loaded with tomatoes. I grabbed the four 5′ tall cow fence posts from the garage, some zip ties I found in Bob old computer supplies I had kept, some twine, etc. I put two of the posts inside the cages once I had them back up and one on each side of the plant. I used zip ties to attach them to the stakes then used twine to tie the stakes up and back to the cages.¬†Hopefully that will hold them.

I also decided to dig under a couple of the potato plants to see if we have any potatoes worth digging. Sure enough, I dug a couple of good sized ones and a few medium size ones. So, despite the potato bugs on the plants and the 20 inches of rain in May and June we may get some decent potatoes after all.

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One Response to Wednesday July 4, 2018

  1. nick flandrey says:

    Sounds like your garden is doing great! Mine is not so great, but I keep trying…

    I think the bugs got my zukes again this year, so next I’ll retry just cukes.

    Never got the carrots in, and the cleaning crew threw out the sprouted potato cuttings I’d meant to plant. Doh.

    One of these years, I’ll find something that grows for me.


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