This morning I finally got to go to the dentist for my routine six month cleaning. I say finally because I had to cancel my six month cleaning scheduled for last November due to my knee replacement. Included in the materials the doctor gave me for my knee replacement was a letter stating I would have to take antibiotics for the next two years anytime time I had dental work done. If and/or when I have the other knee done I will have to take antibiotics every time I have a procedure done the rest of my life.

When I went for my four week follow after my surgery I told Dr. Howe I had a dentist appointment in two weeks. He ask me to put it off for three months which I did. A couple of weeks ago I called them to get my prescription filled for my appointment for today. I had to take four Amoxicillin this morning an hour before my 8am appointment. I really missed getting my teeth cleaned.

I also need to have one tooth crowned but before we do that I am going to have oral surgery to remove the bi-lateral mandibular tori. They are small bony growths in the bottom of my mouth that have been there for a long time. They get irritated when I eat any type of crusty bread or pizza type foods. Dr. Miller had recommended I have them removed at some point because they can continue to grow and will also make it harder for him to do the crown work. I go next month for a consult with the oral surgeon to schedule that little procedure then after a couple of months will get the crown installed.

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