Saturday July 13, 2018

The raccoon did return. I thought he had not been back until last night. I left the hanging feeder out night before last and it still had food in it yesterday morning so I left it out again last night. It was empty this morning. But, I had not checked the mounted feeder on the post since Thursday. It was covered in dirt and empty even though the lid was down. I refilled it and cut coat hangers for the two side holes that keep the lid secure. He may have figured out how to hang over the top and hoover it from front slot. If he sits on front the lever comes down and closes it off. I will reset the trap tonight but I am not hopeful.

Cloudy and cool today. I started a load of laundry then went out to the garden. I picked a big mess of green beans, lots of cucumbers, and a few zucchini. I took the cucumbers and zucchini next door to Vicki and Gil.



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2 Responses to Saturday July 13, 2018

  1. Rick H says:

    Was thinking about how to defeat the racoon (which is not always easy).

    There’s a product called “Critter Ridder” – a spray bottle of capascin (pepper spray). Why not spray that around the base and a bit up the pole that supports the feeder? Perhaps the odor will keep him away. (It worked well for the chipmunks that were trying to nest in my outside-stored car.)

    I’ve found it at the local Home Depot.

    Another idea is some ground pepper in the same area. Get the big giant can from Costco/etc. Maybe whole peppercorns might last longer with the rains in your area.

    In any event, a cheap fix.

    As for the trap, perhaps the racoon ‘knows’ the smell of the trap, and is avoiding it. Hosing it off might remove the odor. And placing it in a different spot?

  2. Barbara Fritchman Thompson says:

    Thanks Rick for the great suggestions. I have a big can of ground pepper from Bob’s prepping stuff. I will try that until I can get to Home Depot. Will hose off the trap today.

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