Sunday July 15, 2018

Last night I went with Joyce to another great concert at the Blue Ridge Music Center to hear the Steep Canyon Rangers. I saw them back in February in Winston when they played with the W-S Pops Orchestra. Last night’s show was even better. They are an awesome group of guys.

I set the raccoon trap before I left. This time I put it on the sidewalk. The rascal ate the chicken I placed in the front part of the trap but left what was in the back where he needed to go to spring the trap. Today I will hose off the trap and reset it tonight and move it to a spot over in the grass. I took down the hanging feeder and wired shut the feeder on the post to keep him out of there.

House cleaning chores and washing a load of towels. I have chicken and potatoes cooking in the slow cooker. This afternoon I will cook up the beans I picked yesterday and freeze them into small meals.

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