Sunday August 5, 2018

House cleaning chores this morning including changing the three filters in the house for the furnace and cleaning the downstairs bathroom.

Once I finished up in here Colin and I went outside. After a ball playing session I started weeding along and in the mulch bed that runs along the right side of the driveway. After all the rain the ground is soft enough to clean up along the edge where the grass tends to over grow the mulch.

I took  break at the end of that side to come in and cool off and read the paper. We then ventured back out to do the left side and clean up some of the cement along the edge of the back stoop from the rock project. I picked tomatoes and one lone cucumber before finally running out of gas.

Temperatures are in the low 80’s with a nice breeze and low humidity. I am balancing check books and paying bills to get my desk cleared.

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