Sunday August 12, 2018

Fun weekend. Frances and Marcy arrived Saturday around noon. We fixed a light lunch then went into Sparta to do the shops, etc. Back home, we rested awhile, I fed Colin, then we went back into town to Muddy Creek for dinner and to listen to music; a cover bank from High Point. After off and on showers all day it cleared up nicely for us to be able to sit outside and enjoy the band. We came home about 9:30.

This morning we picked what is probably the last of the beans from the garden. The zucchini may have a couple left to ripen but the cucumbers are finished. We picked a lot of tomatoes with a lot more left to ripen. We harvested four to five one gallon buckets of apples.

We ate lunch here before they took off back down the mountain to Winston. Off and on showers ‘s for the day. It rains, the sun comes out, it rains, the sun comes out…Temperatures are only in the 70’s but it’s very humid.

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