Sunday September 9, 2018

Storms over night bringing 4.5 inches of rain in my rain gauge. Colin was not a happy camper for several hours until they moved out around 3am.  Today it is cool and cloudy with a chance of more storms this afternoon and tonight.

I did the house cleaning chores this morning including the downstairs bathroom and vacuuming those floors. I am washing a load of towels and the kitchen needs tidied up. Desk is cleared, bills are paid, and paperwork filed for the week.

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3 Responses to Sunday September 9, 2018

  1. JimB says:

    We get about 3″ of rain in a whole year! Our 100 year flood of 1984 was estimated at 4″ in four hours. Overflowed the official rain gauges.

  2. Barbara Fritchman Thompson says:

    Hi Jim,
    I deleted the test and the duplicate message. You are now approved to post to my page so should not have any problems again.

  3. JimB says:

    Thank you.

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