Friday September 14, 2018

Gym this morning. Just as I finished my workout, about 9:15, I was standing at the desk talking to the lady on duty when she had an emergency phone call and needed to leave. I came around the desk and told her to go. I logged her off and me on and worked until the 10:30 shift person came on. Steve, our director was getting ready to teach I class. I flagged him down and told him what was going and apologized for my sweaty appearance. Of course, I doubt he cared as along as he had someone to wowrk the desk.

Once I left the gym I stopped at the bank before heading back home. We are now getting some wind from the outer bands of Florence. Still not sure what direction she is heading but at some point may be heading our way. I took down all the hanging pots and brought in the chair cushions and spinner. I needed to get the cloth pots from the deck, empty the dirt, and wash them out for the winter anyway; so I did that. I took down all three garden flags and will replace them with fall ones after the storm goes through. Everything is secure and ready for whatever comes our way.

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