Saturday September 15, 2018

I am reading Killing Train by Margaret Mizushima.

This morning Marcy and I were supposed to driving south on the Blue Ridge Parkway to Hayesville which is in the far left corner of the state. We had reservations at a very nice restaurant Marcy heard about when she was at Folk School earlier in the year with Bonnie. Al was coming up to stay with Colin. We were coming back tomorrow.

As Florence lurked off shore I decided earlier in the week we should cancel. At the time she was coming in the coast and heading for Winston. I was concerned about Al and Marcy getting home Sunday since the storm itself would be well south and east of our trip to bother us.

Good thing we canceled. She changed course and is heading right for our side of the state tonight, tomorrow, and Monday. And, they closed the Blue Ridge Parkway, the entire 495 miles in VA/NC due to high winds and heavy rain.

We’ve had off and on rain this morning with some wind which will be the weather for the next two days at least. Higher wind gusts and rain starting tonight and tomorrow. I have some indoor projects to pass the time but poor Colin will get limited outdoor play time.


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