Sunday September 16, 2018

Rain and and gusty winds from Florence continues to be the weather for today. So far, I’ve only had an inch and half of rain but theĀ  storm is just now turning west out of South Carolina and heading our way. This afternoon and tonight are to be the worst.

I cleaned house, took my shower, and put a load of towels in to wash. Hopefully I will not loose power but wanted to get those chores out of the way just in case. I check the downstairs and out in the garage periodically to make sure things are all secure.

Colin does not understand why he cannot go outside to play ball. SO, I go to the door and open it. He stands at the door looking out then he looks up at me as to say “you think I am going out in that”! Thankfully, I am high enough not to have to worry about flooding.

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