Tuesday October 30, 2018

It was 42 degrees, sunny, and calm when we went out this morning.

I volunteered at the bookstore this morning. I came home to let Colin out to play and grab a quick snack before heading back into town to the library.

After Bob died I donated all the astronomy equipment to a local guy who is president of the area astronomy club. One of the items was a small portable scope Bob bought but we hardly used. Today that club donated the scope to our library as an item that can be checked out. Dave and another club member made the scope bullet proof to make it more or less like a big binocular with a lens preventing users from loosing lens caps and making ocular changes. I was invited to be there for the presentation, story, and picture for the local paper since the scope originally came from me. The scope comes with a how to manual and charts for the beginning user.

Again, trying to carry on Bob’s love of science and getting young people interested in the field.

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