Wednesday October 31, 2018

Gym this morning. I am helping a friend with her dog while she is out of town. She had a house sitter at night and on weekends and someone to take the out in the afternoon. I am doing a couple of mid morning shifts to between the time the house sitter leaves and the afternoon person comes to let him out. This morning was one of my turns. He’s a very nice dog, about the size of Colin, around 10 years old.

I stay about an hour to give him some attention and play time. This afternoon Billings came to check out the heat for winter season. All is well there, thankfully.

There was frost in town but I did not have any here when I took Colin out this morning. We’ve had a nice sunny, warm day with a bit of a breeze. I am seeing the trucks loaded with Christmas trees going up and down 21 for shipment elsewhere.

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