Thursday November 1, 2018

Last night I had to do Trunk or Treat at the park for the bookstore. Joyce and Alice, out managers were both out of town so I took one for the team and said I would do it. Another bookstore/Friends of the Library person showed up to help give out candy. I decorated the back of the car with a few things Joyce loaned me from her bookstore decorations to make it look like Halloween and they bought the candy. There must of been 800 to 1000 kids come through; some perhaps twice. They were mostly younger kids but we did have some older ones. It ran from 5 to 6:30 but I felt like I was there for hours. We ran out of candy but the Chamber replenished us with some at the very end.

It was 55, cloudy, and windy this morning when we went out. Today is more of the same with rain coming in this afternoon. I went to the gym, checked on the dog, dropped of the Halloween stuff back at the bookstore, and made a grocery store stop.

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