Saturday December 8, 2018

It was nice outside this morning. 30 degrees, cloudy, and no wind. After I took Colin out for his morning constitutional I ate my breakfast then headed back out. By nice, I mean, with calm winds and not too cold temperatures I was finally able to get back to cleaning up the small piles of downed pine from the ice storm that was either embedded in the ground or iced into a clump. The days we had nice weather I was working or down in Winston and not been able to get back to it.

James needs to cut the big stuff with a chain saw and haul it off. The big stuff was still scattered into several piles so I organized them and made several piles of small stuff. At least that storm mess is organized in the event more comes down after this next big storm on the way.

I filled the bird feeders. Speaking of which. I have a red bellied woodpecker that has been coming regularly to my hanging mesh feeder. I’ve never had one to make regular appearances at the feeder.

I did a load of laundry and have chicken breasts cooking in the crock pot. They will make several freezer meals with the chicken as the main dish for me add sides to. My snow boots, both short and tall, are out and ready for action.

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