Monday December 10, 2018

We had around 18 inches total.

This morning I tried shoveling the drive after I cleared a path down the middle of the sidewalk.  After 30 minutes I had a small square in the front of the left garage door. At 64 years old this was way too much snow for me to try to shovel.

Here is picture of the driveway after hiring the two guys who do my neighbor’s drive to  plow it with a four wheeler and a small tractor. Took them a little over an hour.

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  1. Rick H says:

    That’s a lot of snow!

    When I lived in Utah (about 5 years ago), we’d get snow, but never that much. My driveway was 75′ wide, although not as long as yours.

    The first year, I shoveled snow by hand (and shovel). Maybe 3-4 inches at a time. I’d only shovel the two sides where the two cars go into the garage, leaving a strip down the middle that lasted all winter.

    The next year, I decided to get a snowblower. Got a nice new one, delivered the day before a snowstorm. Had a good time running it (probably a guy thing) when needed. Did my driveway and sidewalks, and often did a couple of neighbors also.

    Didn’t need it when I moved to WA a year later, so gave it to my daughter (who lived nearby our UT house). But it was fun to use.

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