Tuesday January 1, 2019

Well, it’s a New Year. A year ago today I had one hope, Bob would be coming home. It was tough year losing Bob and trying to move on with life. I would not have survived had it not been for┬áthe support of Frances and Al along with friends in Winston and here in Sparta. Also a big thank you to Nick and Rick and Bob’s readers who posted support messages on this page and/or sent e-mails.

I wish all of you a happy and healthy 2019.

Today I am putting back table top stuff and hanging back up stuff on the walls. I set the oven to self clean first thing this morning. I took a break to watch the parade.

No fireworks last night. The wind was howling around the house. I sat up until 10:00 then went to bed to read until 11 before turning off the light. Next time I woke up it was 1:30.

Today is cloudy and breezy with temperatures in the low 50’s. I’m grilling beef ribs and some chicken for dinner.





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