Sunday January 6, 2019

After last weeks cleanathon the only thing I did this morning was clean the bathrooms and run the Bona dry mop around the floors to get the worst of the dog hair.

The weather has been so bad the last few weeks I decided to spend some time outdoors today since the winds are fairly calm. It was 38 and partly sunny when we went out this morning but warmed up into the mid 40’s by late morning. I washed the car, reinstalled the bird feeder and suet cage, picked up sticks and limbs in the back and side yard,¬†and swept out the garage while the car was in the drive.

Colin also enjoyed having some extended outdoor running around time. We have cold weather moving in this week but it is not supposed to rain or snow all week.

This afternoon I balanced the last check book statement for 2018 and set up the new spreadsheet for 2019, paid the bills, and tidied up my desk.

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