Saturday January 5, 2019

I am reading Sleeping In The Ground by Peter Robinson,

It was 39 degrees, sunny, and windy when I took Colin out this morning. Gusts from 50 to 60 mph until late this afternoon. One of the wires that holds the mesh bird feeder from blowing around came loose during the night.  Two wires runs through the holes in the base to metal stakes in the ground; one on each side about four to five feet in length. Not only do they keep the feeder from blowing around and getting damaged but also prevent the seed from blowing out. Except, when the winds are this bad the seed blows out anyway but otherwise they work very well. I took both the feeder and suet holder down and wedged them behind the rocking chair until this front goes through.

So, it’s indoor projects today. Laundry, cleaning the bedroom walk-in closet, and other assorted chores.

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