Sunday January 13, 2019

It was 31 degrees and iced over when we went out this morning. We did not get enough to completely cover the lawn but everything hanging was covered as well as the driveway and walkway. Colin tiptoed out onto the yard one paw at a time not liking the crunching through conditions. He finally went back onto the driveway and headed down to the back. Smart dog finally ended under the pines along the fence line where the ground was solid to do his business.

I did the usual weekly cleaning today. I also did the deep clean on the laundry room moving the washer and dryer and cleaning the shelves we installed over the appliances.

We may get another round of sleet/freezing rain/snow this afternoon and tonight but not much in accumulation. So far, I’ve not had any pine limbs down. Temperatures are just at freezing but drop back into the 20’s tonight.

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