Saturday January 12, 2019

It was 28 degrees, cloudy, and calm this morning. We’ve had off an on snow showers since around 10:30 this morning. It’s starting to snow a little heavier now with temperatures holding around 29 degrees. This afternoon and tonight is to be a mix of snow/sleet/freezing rain up to possibly and inch or so. Hopefully not enough ice to bring down trees and limbs.

Last night I went out for a late dinner with the couple I dog sat for. They picked me up around 6:30 to drive over to Galax, VA to meet some friends of theirs at the Twisted Fork.

Today I’ve done a load of laundry and mixed up a batch of oatmeal/chocolate chip cookie dough to bake this afternoon. While I am baking I have a big pot of pinto beans cooking for dinner tonight and to freeze for later.

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