Wednesday February 20, 2019

33 degree, icy, and rainy. We had mostly sleet and ice fall overnight. The ground was mostly covered and the trees. The sidewalk and driveway were ice skating rinks. As I’ve said before, Colin hates to walk to crunchy stuff. He tiptoed out onto the lawn far enough to pee before heading back inside.

I had a 10:30 haircut appointment for this morning. I called Pam on Monday when  I saw the forecast for last night and this morning and changed it to 3:00 hoping I could get down the mountain by midday. They plowed and salted all night. Colin barked every time the plow went down our road.

I checked the DriveNC website about 9:30 to see that 21 was clear.  Since I also had lunch planned with my friends from the Firm, I e-mailed them to let them know I would make lunch. I took off about 10:20 to give me plenty of time to get down the mountain.

Temperatures hovered around the mid 30’s in Winston. I did lunch, made a Costco run, had my haircut, and headed back up the mountain. Once back on 21 just after I left Elkin the trees were icy again all the way up to Sparta. Fortunately the temperature is right at 33 degrees. I hit fog partway up the mountain. Forecast for tonight…thunderstorms.

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