I took yesterday afternoon off to use up the remaining carry over hours. I make a quick trip to the grocery store then we spent the rest of the afternoon doing kits.

I have been working on cleaning out closets, file cabinets, etc. I am getting some more boxes ready for the next shred event. I swapped out my winter shirts in my office closet with me summer ones from the work room closet. Once Bob had finished washing and drying my work cloths I caught up the ironing.

The rest of the day has been spent and will be spent doing kit stuff. My desk still needs clearing. Sometime between Thursday evening and Friday afternoon one of the rails fell off the deck. It was lying in the side yard when I got home yesterday.

Bob has finally agreed to let me get a new, scaled down in size deck to replace this one. The other rails are hanging on by a thread, some of the floor boards are rotten through, and many of the side rail slats have been missing for a long time. The squirrels have been chewing on the tops of the rails.

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