Friday July 19, 2019

I am reading Poisoned Pages by Lorna Barrett.

I have several robin’s nests on the cross boards that run under the deck. This morning when I went out with Colin I found babies in one of the nests peaking out over the side.

Hershel, my plumber from Shaw Brothers, came first things this morning. Last weekend when I checked on the downstairs I found a large black discoloration on one ceiling time and a wet spot, not yet turned brown, on another. I called Elaine to have her put me on the schedule. I go down stairs every couple of days to check on things and flush the toilet down there between cleanings. I had just been down there a couple of days before I discovered the leak.

Hershel found several corroded couplings that needed replaced. That is what happened two years ago when we had the flood downstairs. Several fittings finally blew and we did not know they were spewing water. I had to be at work mid-morning so I left him here to finish replacing old supply pipes and fittings. With the new drop down ceiling it is easy to replace those fittings as needed. Since the flood I’ve kept an eagle eye on the ceiling and will now be even more vigilant.


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  1. nick flandrey says:

    That was a real ‘stitch in time’!

    Good thing you caught it.


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