I took the day off to take dad for some lab tests that started at 10:45 and ran until after 12:00. Being right in the middle of the day and not knowing what time we would finish up it was just easier to take the day. After he finished up we stopped for lunch then ran a couple of errands before I took them back home. I also had a couple of errands to run on the way home.

It was 80 degree’s yesterday. Today it is 53, windy and cloudy with off and on rain showers. We had a thunderstorm about the time I got home from the Y last night. Only 1/2 inch of rain but that will help not only ease the dry conditions but wash away some of the pollen.

Our neighbor’s daughter is down visiting from PA with her labradoodle, Bela. Colin just loves to play with her. It just so happens Bob and I were out taking him for walk when they had just returned from a walk.¬†We let them off leash in the front yard. Bela runs in circles and Colin gives chase working her like a sheep. They run and run and run. He is now lying in the doorway to my office panting; a very happy dog.

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