Wednesday August 21, 2019

74 degrees and sunny when I left for Winston this morning.  I made a pet store stop on the way to my haircut appointment. From there I several other errands to run including the bookstore where I ran into an old friend that still works at the library system where I worked. She started out as a page when I was head of one of our branches. Now, she runs one of the branches.

Lunch with Tina and Lori uptown than back up the mountain for home. 91 degrees in Winston but not that much cooler here at 85 and a breeze.


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2 Responses to Wednesday August 21, 2019

  1. RickH says:

    Heh. “She started as a page at the library.”

    Did she have to get promoted to a chapter before she became a book?

    (Sorry … late here … but it struck me as funny.)

  2. Barbara Fritchman Thompson says:

    Ha, that’s a pretty good one.

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