Saturday October 12, 2019

After I put a load of clothes in to wash I went downstairs to work on the painted room. I finished pulling off the rest of the tape; I pulled some Thursday and Friday afternoon. Even though we tapes, paint still managed to seep underneath along the crown molding and chair rail. This is the first time I have painted a house with cherry molding. It’s a bear to tape the way it’s cut and a pain to get paint off. And, being a messy painter that I am, I still managed to get paint where there was no tape. I worked about an hour then came up to put the clothes in to dry and give some attention to Colin before going back down to work some more.

After lunch I used a small brush to touch up spots we missed, mostly along the chair rail and in a couple of corners. I put the switch and outlet covers back on and did a little more cleanup before calling it quits for the day. JoAnn is coming over this afternoon to hang out for awhile.


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2 Responses to Saturday October 12, 2019

  1. RickH says:

    That ‘tape leakage’ you experienced is most likely due to cheap masking tape. Or it wasn’t smashed down hard enough.

    I use a flat hand trowel thing and run it along the tape after applying it. If taping moulding with rounded edges, that’s a bit harder. Some painters don’t even bother with the taping, just are very careful and slow with the ‘cutting in’ at the edges. And a clean wet rag is good for cleaning any messes if you do it right after the ‘splash-over’ – don’t wait.

    But, Huzzah! for you to take on a painting project!

  2. Barbara Fritchman Thompson says:

    I used painters tape that I used before. I used to be able to paint without using tape but my hand is not steady enough anymore.

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